Joshua Hendricks

Music For Visual Media


Joshua Hendricks is a composer based out of Burbank California. After moving from his home town of East Liverpool Ohio in 2005, Joshua has been a part of many unique projects including advertising campaigns for: Sears, Scope Mouthwash, BrittWeek, and Tattlove.

He recently scored several short films including "Too Long; Didn't Read," which was featured in the 2013 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival and "Linger," which was showcased in the International Film Festival Of Cinematic Arts. In 2015, his score was featured in "The Party" at the Independent Filmmaker Showcase Film Festival. 

Joshua's goal is to constantly push the boundries of film, television, and video game scoring by experimenting with new and inventive ways to write and record.  He thrives to ensure that the end product is original and tailored to fit the filmmaker's needs and demands.